Overcoming the Top 3 Challenges of Managing Multiple Property Types

Property management firms always strive to strengthen their competitive position while managing day-to-day operations. The issue, however, is that they may encounter various challenges while striving to complete those operations. A great way for property management to overcome these challenges is to use cloud-based technology platforms.

These platforms integrate well with each other and can assist property managers in overcoming these challenges and driving better performance across all of the different types of apartment buildings they manage. 

Below are the common property management challenges and how using property management software can help drive success.

Providing Quality Customer Service

A company’s customer experience can make or ruin it. Because customer experience affects performance at every level of a business, from productivity to employee happiness to revenue growth, it is critical to put it at the center of everything you do. However, when a property manager’s phone lines and email inboxes become uncontrolled, jobs are ignored, and renters begin sharing unfavorable experiences on social media. It is critical to focus on the demands of the tenants to provide a customer service experience that exceeds their expectations. Tenants anticipate information at their fingertips in this digital era. 

If they have requested your aid, they expect to hear from you within a reasonable time frame. A customer relationship management tool can assist property managers in anticipating and meeting their expectations. This is by providing a self-service tenant portal, a quick and dependable communication system, and activity log monitoring. A well-maintained self-service resident portal with online payment capabilities and a FAQ section can dramatically eliminate the need for tenants to contact or email the office. 

An automated communication system that allows you to reach out to renters how they want will leave them with a favorable impression of your organization. In turn, having all of your interactions and resolutions with them in one location allows you to foster connections and improve the possibility of renewals.

Increasing Employee Productivity

When events alter the flow of the day or week for a property manager occur, duties may be neglected or pushed aside. Enhancing your employees’ productivity in a fast-paced setting begins with effectively managing their time and improving their procedures. Property management executives who can effectively boost employee productivity are more likely to decrease staff turnover and recruit more quality property managers. To utilize their time properly and improve their processes, you can assign projects, set deadlines, and encourage your team to offer updates as they proceed. 

Tracking these behaviors in a centralized system will protect your employees from going through a lengthy email chain for the latest news or phone coworkers. Staff may handle all their duties from start to end using a cloud-based system. Property managers and executives can also utilize this system to determine which properties generate the most tickets, which staff members are overburdened, and where to redistribute responsibility for better performance on a busy day.

Managing Routine and Unplanned Maintenance

It might be difficult to remain on top of many maintenance tasks. Unexpected maintenance can burden a company’s resources, particularly finances, personnel workload, and vendor availability. Property managers must be able to integrate their employees, renters, and vendors into a single system to remain on top of maintenance work for both large and small properties. For instance, a comprehensive maintenance monitoring system assists property managers in staying on top of jobs that need to be completed and reviewing the resolution with after-job information.?

Furthermore, this system connects easily with the vendor database, allowing managers to maintain accurate records. Managers get license expiry warnings so that they know which suppliers to contact in an emergency or for unexpected maintenance. Furthermore, when residents can make service requests and check changes through the portal, managers will get fewer incoming calls to the office.

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