Avoiding Landlord-Tenant Disputes: Top Tips for Property Owners

Some very unpleasant tenants can make your job as a landlord or property management company very challenging. Some are responsible for causing damage and late payments to your property, while others are just careless. Therefore, we have compiled a list of some of the problematic tenants you should be aware of and how to deal with them.

One of the most effective ways to weed out potential problems is through applicant screening by, first of all, asking the right questions. Still, it does not consider the changes in the person’s emotional state, financial situation, or personal situation. As a landlord, reviewing these instances to identify potential issues early is essential. Below are some tips which, when followed, shall reduce drastically the troubles caused by tenants to a landlord

Preventing Damage To Property

Getting property damage can be a significant issue for landlords, as some tenants do not take the necessary care of their properties, while others do unauthorized repairs. Taking preventative measures can help prevent these types of problems from happening in the first place.

Make sure that the lease clearly states the expectations of the home’s maintenance. Also, conduct a thorough move-in inspection to ensure the property is in good condition. It will allow you to charge for damages once the tenant moves out.

Preventing Late Payment

Non-payers and late payments are some of the most common problems a landlord encounters. These types of issues can affect the financial well-being of the landlord. These problems can be very detrimental to the business’s operations. To minimize these occurrences, try implementing the tips below.

All tenants must follow the same guidelines and standards. It can get done by making this clear from the beginning and avoiding any negotiating attempts or pleadings by the tenants.

A lease should also clearly state the procedures for rent payments and how late payments can be handled. Ensure that the tenant is informed of this policy to enforce it.

If your lease has a grace period, consider implementing an automatic rent reminder system for those who fail to pay their rent on time. It can help prevent such incidents from happening.

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Preventing The Breaking Of Laws

Some people think that they can get away with whatever they want. When breaking the law, most tenants are guilty of various violations, such as drug trafficking and illegal selling. If they become criminally active, it’s best to hire an attorney. However, in most cases, arrests do not affect their right to remain in the home. A home inspection is also an excellent way to check for potential issues, especially drug-related ones.

Preventing Complainers

Although landlords love tenants who do the right things, they also deal with perpetual complainers. These individuals will continue calling and making unreasonable requests even after working hours.

Familiarizing yourself with your legal responsibilities is essential, as landlords must perform certain repairs on their properties to maintain their habitability and safety. Doing so will allow you to save time, money, and frustration.

One of the most critical steps a landlord should take is to ensure that the tenants are aware of their responsibilities when it comes to maintaining their property. For instance, if the light bulbs are out, it’s the tenant’s responsibility to replace them.

Handling Extended Guests And Subletting

Letting others in is not allowed. Ensure that the lease terms are communicated to the tenants so they are aware of this. If the tenant has to go away for an extended period, they must be aware that they can’t let someone else take over.

A property inspection can provide you with valuable information. If you find unauthorized occupants, talk to them directly to inform them about it. A tenant can allow guests in if they plan to stay for a certain amount. However, they must first inform the landlord about plans to stay beyond that period.

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