Apartment Guide: What Renters Want Most

These days, renters have many options, meaning rental property owners need to do more to attract them than simply providing an apartment with a good size. If you want to know what modern renters are looking for so you can attract more to your rental property, read through the sections below!

What Are Renters Looking For?

Move-In Ready Units

The vast majority of renters want move-in-ready units when they are looking to find an apartment. They want a clean, organized, and functional place.

By functional, we mean there shouldn’t be any broken furniture or appliances. The bathroom and kitchen fixtures should work, and there shouldn’t be any burnt-out lightbulbs.

The last thing renters want to do after moving into a new place is clean, so at the very least, a vacant unit should be clean and tidy before new tenants move in.

An Attractive Location

It’s not enough that the property is in good shape—most renters want an attractive location too.

That is, they want to be close to grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, and gyms. Also, they want to be close to green spaces, like parks and nature trails.

Lastly, most renters don’t want to live in an area with much crime.

Safety and Security

Safety and security are two areas that most renters won’t compromise on. So if a rental property doesn’t have a security system, cameras, and other safety and security features, only a few renters will be interested. And if the property is in an area that’s seen several break-ins, car-jackings, etc., then most renters are going to pass and look elsewhere.

Included Appliances

A lot of renters want a unit that has appliances included. Many want the big machines, i.e., dishwashers, washers and dryers, and TVs, while others are fine with smaller devices, like coffee makers, space heaters, window air conditioners, and humidifiers.

But if your rental property doesn’t come with several appliances, this isn’t the end of the world. If it’s good in other critical areas, there will still be plenty of interest. However, if you want to maximize the interest levels, including smart appliances may be the right choice.

A Good School District

This is an important one for parents. If your unit is in a town or city with a good school system, ensure you advertise this in your listings.

Especially if the unit is a multi-bedroom, you should target families eager to be around good schools. But, of course, being close to good colleges and universities is also a plus.

Outdoor Space

Outdoor space is important as well. Renters often look for a patio or balcony, and many want a back and front yard. In addition, outdoor area is essential for adults with children and pet owners.

Of course, this space is often shared between tenants, so make this known if that’s the case at your property.

A Cooperative Landlord

A cooperative landlord can make all the difference. Specifically, somebody who’s on top of maintenance and repairs, understands when the rent is a couple of days late, and is generally easy to get along with – is considered an asset by most renters.

Most renters can tell on the first interaction whether or not they’d get along with the landlord, so keep this in mind when showing available units.

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