Business Brokerage


How much is your Business worth?

Sunrise Real Estate has been in the business of buying, selling, and operating businesses for over 10 years.  Give us a call & we’ll gladly give you an accurate assessment of the price your business should command.  Some of the factors that we take into account when assessing value are comparable businesses that have been recently sold, the type of business mix that youcurrently do, general market conditions, demographic factors, and management obligations.


Are you a serious seller, looking for the best possible price for your business?


We sell and operate a portfolio of small busineses.  That means we can potentially make you an offer to purchase your businesses ourselves.  We also act as business brokers and have a large clientele of buyers.  We give your business maximum exposure to potential buyers without requiring any type of exclusive or non-compete agreement.


Looking to expand your business & buy another location?

One of the most important things in any business is the constant need to grow.  Sometimes in order to expand, you’ve got to buy another location or company (after all, there is only so much business to be done out of each spot or with one team).  If you’ve already got an active business, you’ll have a great advantage; knowing the ins and outs of business ownership will allow you to seamlessly take over a new location or company.  We’ve got an active inventory of fully operating businesses for sale in both Brooklyn and Manhattan.


Featured Business For Sale:   $775,000 Laundromat in Hollis, Queens.  50% Financing.