Peace of Mind—That’s What We Offer

As specialists in small & medium sized businesses, apartment building management and commercial property, you can rest assured that the combination of our expertise and your vision are a winning combination.  You'll get the time attention needed to find the deal that you're looking for.  Whether you're looking to buy or sell, make the first step and contact one of the experts at our boutique brokerage.


If you're a business or property owner and considering selling, we'll be glad to give you a realistic evaluation and assessment, as well as a realistic time frame that'll be necessary to complete your transactioon.


If you're a buyer, we've got an active intentory of properties and businesses that are currently on the mraket. If you've got sepific criteria we'll act as a buyer's agent and make use of our vast resources to find the deal that you're looking for.




Business Meeting

Businness Brokerage

Whether you're a seasoned business pro, looking to aquire another holding, or you're looking to make an entry into business ownership, we can help! We'll guide you through each step of the sales process.

Office Building

Commercial Real Estate

Finding the right space for your business or practice is critical to your success. Finding the balance between efficiency of use, economy, and location is what we strive to do when searching for a location to purchase or lease for your business.

Brownstone Building

Apartment Building Sales

Apartment buildings are still one of the best investments around. We work with both buyers and sellers of buildings and portfolios of buildings between 5 and 500 units.